CORKJOINT® S.E.C Self Expanding (Type III) Cork Fillerboard


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CORKJOINT® S.E.C is a natural cork-based expansion joint fillerboard that expands and compresses within concrete joints to provide permanent protection. By watering CORKJOINT® S.E.C, it has the ability to expand up to 25% within the joint and can withstand a variety of environmental and climatic conditions. As concrete expands and contracts during daily climate and temperature changes, CORKJOINT® S.E.C automatically adapts to the conditions and can prevent concrete from bursting or cracking.

CORKJOINT® S.E.C is a high density material, which is semi rigid and can withstand heavy traffic conditions and high heads of water pressure. Heavy vehicles moving across the joint will not damage CORKJOINT® S.E.C easily.

Supplied in sheet form and at a thickness to suit the joint width or can be custom cut in sheet sizes to suit the concrete thickness or width. Also available upon request with a tear off cap to suit the joint sealant application depth.