DOWELFORM® Dowelbar Sleeve System

Dowelform® is a two part dowelbar sleeve system comprising a rigid PVC dowelbar sleeve and a reusable rigid PVC nailing plate. Dowelform is suitable for use with 20mm, 25mm and 32mm round or square dowelbars.

Dowelform® allows for longitudinal movement as well as lateral (sideways) movement of the dowelbar for maximum joint performance. Compressible fins on either side of the sleeve enables the dowelbar to move sideways and locate the dowel centrally. The end cap has an inbuilt 20mm shear pin to allow for expansion of the concrete of up to 20mm.

Dowelform® allows your dowelbars to be parallel to the subgrade and properly aligned. You can also achieve lateral (sideways) movement of +/-10 mm for round and square bars which will help to reduce internal stresses on the concrete.

Dowelform® allows the engineer to specify dowels in both directions where transverse and longitudinal joints meet as all joints are now free to move independently of each other.