HYDROSTOP® ACRYLIC GEL Injection Sealing Material

Hydrostop Acrylic Gel

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Hydrostop® Acrylic Gel is an elastic hydrophilic two (2) component (A + B) acrylic gel designed to be used with the Hydrostop® CJ1 Injection Hose System or with injection packers for sealing and stopping water egress through construction joints and cracks in concrete.

Hydrostop® Acrylic Gel starts out as a similar viscosity to water, which enables it to be injected and penetrate into the construction joint and into fine cracks in concrete. The curing process of the gel is gradual and is linear in performance, which allows time for processing and flushing of the injection hose for possible future re-injection capabilities.

Hydrostop® Acrylic Gel has strong adhesion to concrete and due to its high elongation and hydrophilic ability, the product is able to withstand shrinkage, expansion, and dynamic movements of the injected construction joint and/ or crack.

Hydrostop® Acrylic Gel has the ability to absorb water up to 100% and has an ultimate elongation of 500%. The reaction time for curing of the gel can be adjusted to suit the specific requirement of the project and the environment.

This product is part of our Waterstop product range.