HYDROSTOP® CJ1 Injection Hose System

Hydrostop® CJ1 is a specially designed, highly functional multi-injectable injection hose system, used to seal joints in concrete against water egress. Hydrostop® CJ1 is used to transport grouting materials and then disperse them into the concrete joint via micro openings equally positioned along and around the hose.

Hydrostop® CJ1 is a highly resistant, robust, fully tested, single channel injection hose system that is made of specially developed PVC materials.

Hydrostop® CJ1 has the ability for multi-injectable grouting processes with use of the correct type of injection materials. This ability allows the system to be re-injectable for the life time of the structure, giving total peace of mind and assurance that the structure can be fully sealed and resealed. This is a great advantage if movement or shrinkage occurs between concrete joint faces of the structure.