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HYDROTITE Hydrophilic Chloroprene Rubber Waterstop

Product Description

HYDROTITE Hydrophilic Chloroprene Rubber Waterstop consists of a unique combination of expanding hydrophilic materials and non-expanding chloroprene rubber, co-extruded together to form a single strip. The expanding section is blue with the non-expanding section being black. The co-extruded design means that the expansion is directed across the joint for maximum sealing performance. This expansion creates an effective compression seal within the joint, preventing the egress of water through it. Upon expansion, Hydrotite turns from a dark blue colour to a light blue colour, so that a visual inspection of the Hydrotite can be made and so the contractor can see if the Hydrotite has pre-expanded.

Hydrotite is the brand name for a state of the art hydrophilic waterstop with unmatched durability and water sealing capacity. Hydrotite expands as it absorbs water and fills up concrete joint gaps conforming to the gap variation, ensuring excellent sealing. Hydrotite is based on the technology of hydrophilic, a material which expands in a controlled fashion by approximately eight times by volume in the presence of moisture to create a pressure seal within the joint, when properly installed. Hydrotite is capable of sealing heads of water up to 50 metres and is used extensively throughout the construction industry to seal horizontal and vertical construction joints for poured in-situ concrete.

Contractors require an economical waterstop that is easy to install and needs to perform over a long period of time maintaining joint integrity. Recognised world-wide, Hydrotite has a proven track record as a high quality and cost-effective solution as a waterstop for water retaining or water excluding needs.

Hydrotite is treated with a delay coating to prevent it from absorbing water from the wet concrete of the second pour, and to also help stop any premature expansion should the joint become ponded with water, prior to the second pour being placed, and to stop any premature expansion taking place before curing of the concrete.

Hydrotite, as with any hydrophilic waterstop, will return to its original size if there is no more water or moisture present. Hydrotite will then re-expand when water or moisture is reintroduced to the joint. Some initial leakage may occur before Hydrotite re-expands fully. Repeated wet and dry cycling of this nature does not affect the functioning of Hydrotite.

Refer to the Product Brochure for “The standard dimension and shape of CJ-0725-3K-AD-EX is as per fig.”


  • Easy to handle and install
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete surfaces
    Outstanding physical properties
  • Profiles with self-adhesive backing allow for simple and fast installation processes
  • Co-extruded design means expansion is directed across the joint for maximum seal
    Capable of sealing heads of water up to 50 metres
  • Unaffected by repeated wet and dry cycles
  • No site welding is required for joining processes
  • Has a delay coating to help prevent premature expansion
    Changes colour as a visual alert to let you know it has expanded
  • No need for special intersections, joining is by simple butt joins
  • Can be applied to rough surfaces using Leakmaster gun grade waterstop
  • Can be joined to traditional PVC waterstop. Refer CORKJOINT for further information.
  • No compaction or displacement problems
  • Non-toxic and non-hazardous. NSF certified.
  • No need for split forming

Areas of Application

Hydrotite is to be used where watertight integrity is the prime issue. Typical applications where there is a need to achieve a water seal include:  

  • Sewerage Treatment Plants
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Reservoirs
  • Water Tanks
  • Swimming Pools
  • Tunnels
  • Subway Stations
  • Basements
  • Pits
  • Pipe Penetrations

Note : The product’s design and performance, its intended use, installation and final confirmation and approval for use, must be provided by the project’s Design Engineer and Project Manager.

Refer to the Brochure for more information.


Due to expansive forces, Hydrotite should be both detailed and installed with a minimum 50mm clear cover to the face of the concrete. Expansion rate can vary in salt and contaminated water. Increase cover when using light weight, low strength concrete. Not for use where excessive shrinkage of the concrete may occur at the joint faces. Do not stretch the Hydrotite during installation. Not for use in movement (expansion, isolation and contraction) joints.

Chemical Resistance

The influence of pH values of concrete, grouting material and ground water upon the expansion of Hydrotite was tested using hydrophilic rubber as below. The specimen was immersed in each solution for seven days and the retention value of tensile strength and elongation were measured. Then, the specimen was removed from each solution and placed in tap water for seven days. The specimen was then compared with specimens that had been expanded in tap water only.

The retention value of both physical properties and expansion was compared with that of specimens tested in tap water. Hydrotite keeps the retention values 90% or more in all solutions listed in the table below. In the table, “O” indicates retention value 90% or more. 

Refer to the Brochure for more information.

Written Specification

Hydrophilic expanding waterstops shall be placed at the joints in the concrete at the locations shown on the drawings in accordance with the requirement of this specification. Waterstops where shown on drawings shall be Hydrotite (State profile number required) Hydrophilic Waterstops as supplied by CORKJOINT.

The waterstop shall consist of a non-expansive black chloroprene rubber, co-extruded with a blue hydrophilic rubber, which is capable of swelling by approximately eight times by volume. The waterstop shall be treated with a delay coating to prevent premature expansion and be able to change colour upon expansion which acts as a visual alert that the waterstop has started to expand. The waterstop is to be installed strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations

Health and Safety Information

In confined spaces or in still air conditions, the use of a ventilation fan or suitable respirator should be used, and the advice and approval of the Site Safety Supervisor is essential. For further information or advice on health and safety precautions, safe handling, storage and correct disposal of products, please refer to the most recent product Safety Data Sheet (SDS), which is available upon request.


The information and the recommendations relating to the application and end use of this product are given in good faith and are based on the information provided by the manufacturer of the product and/or the Company’s current knowledge and experience in connection with the product when properly stored, handled and applied under normal conditions and no liability of final function at the job site is assumed. In practice, the differences in materials, substrates and actual site conditions are such that no warranty in respect of merchantability of, or fitness for, particular purpose, nor any liability arising out of any legal relationship whatsoever, can be inferred either from this information, or from any written and/or oral recommendations, or from any other advice offered by the Company. The Company also has no express or implied knowledge of any particular purpose for which the product is required and any such information given will not be taken into account in the supply of this product. No responsibility or liability by the Company will be accepted for misuse, misreading or derivation from recommended guidelines in respect of this product and the user shall determine the suitability of the product for his intended use and assume all risks and liability in connection therewith. The information contained in our brochure may change at any time without notice. Any use of this product, Hydrotite, in any application should be approved as suitable for use/application by the Design Engineer and Project Manager.