M-SEAL VM500 is a self-adhesive butyl rubber based Voltage Isolation and Waterproof Membrane with a geotextile top layer, for use on slab and wall applications. Made from a special bitumen-free butyl rubber composition, the M-SEAL VM500 is an easy, clean and environmentally friendly solution for preventing the transfer of static electrical currents through concrete slabs and walls, in both wet and dry areas of application.

The self-adhesive layer of M-SEAL VM500 bonds strongly to the existing substrate, while the concrete topping screed (secondary top layer) bonds tenaciously to the geotextile layer of the membrane. This dual bonding process prevents any separation between the substrate and the concrete topping screed which also helps maintain the quality and sustainability of the finished floor coverings.

M-SEAL VM500 has high crack-bridging capabilities and due to the tenacious bonding of the slab, and the topping layer slab, to the geotextile membrane layer on the top of M-SEAL VM500 membrane, it becomes a fully bonded membrane system to the substrate and the proceeding concrete layer, which also enables it to isolate, insulate and prevent the transfer of electrical currents and water through the concrete or via cracks in the concrete.

This product is part of our Sealing Systems product range.