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Product Description

X-TITE® SBA MT Segmental Bridge Adhesive is a high build, solvent free thixotropic epoxy resin specifically developed for use as an adhesive for precast segmental bridge elements.

It is suitable for use at different temperatures (mixed product) range of 20C to 40C and can be applied in ambient temperatures from 5C to 40C.

A FAST SET hardener is available for lower temperatures with shorter pot life and open time. A SLOW SET hardener is available for high ambient temperatures with longer pot life and open time. SLOW SET hardener can also be used for large segments when extended pot life and open time is required.

Important Note: The products are formulated to be used at a temperature of ±5C on the temperature of mixed material shown above without any loss of performance. The only effect will be a change in pot life and open time which the installer will accommodate in their method of working.


  • Can be applied over a wide temperature range
  • Non slump
  • Non shrink
  • Primerless
  • High strength and high modulus
  • Single face application
  • Easy to pour hardener component
  • Can be applied to damp substrates and during light showers

Specification Compliance

ASTM C881, Type VI

Volatile Organic Content

VOC = <50g/L

Laboratory Test Data

 Laboratory Test Data (Standard Grade)

Refer to the Product Brochure.

Application Properties

Refer to the Product Brochure.

Theoretical Coverage

Approximately 1.45kg per m² at 1mm thickness.


5kg (3.4L)
Pack size can be customized to match the quantity required for a segment face. This can substantially reduce wastage.

Shelf Life

24 months when stored below 35C under shade in a dry environment.

Typical Installations

X-Tite® SBA MT should be applied by experienced application crews. X-Calibur provides detailed method statements on all its products for use in various applications. These must be referred to prior to starting work. The information below is a summary intended for guidance only. 

Surface Preparation

The substrate must be structurally sound. Loose or unsound concrete should be removed and made good. Surfaces must be entirely free of oil, grease, paint, corrosion deposits, dust, laitance or other surface deposits. Grit blast or hydro blast if required.


Thoroughly mix the base ‘Part A’ prior to adding the hardener ‘Part B’ using a slow speed drill (350 rpm) fitted with an X-Roc Epoxy Mortar Mixer Paddle. After mixing the base, add all the hardener and mix for a further 3 minutes or until both components have fully dispersed and are uniform in color. Be sure to rotate the mixer throughout the drum. Note: When mixing full packs ensure all the hardener is added to the base. It will be necessary to use a scraper to remove all of the hardener from the sides of the can.


Apply by trowel or gloved hand to either both segment faces or a single segment face as per the work method employed. Work into the substrate to ensure complete wetting out of the surface. Join the segments firmly together within the stated open time. X-Tite® SBA MT can be applied by low pressure pump and a static mixer to provide mixed material direct to the segment face. Contact CORKJOINT for more details.

Clean Up

Remove uncured material from equipment using X-Shield Solvent S. Cured material can only be removed by mechanical means.


  • Do not part mix packs
  • Do not leave in the pail once mixing is completed
    Do not add fillers or solvents
  • Do not apply below 5C
  • Avoid excessive application
  • Avoid skin contact
  • Do not dispose unmixed components into landfill or water

Health & Safety Information

This product is for industrial use only by trained operatives. It is potentially hazardous if not used correctly. Please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) prior to the purchase and use of this product. For further information or advice on health and safety precautions, safe handling, storage and correct disposal of products, please refer to the most recent product Safety Data Sheet (SDS) which is available upon request.


The information and the recommendations relating to the application and end use of this product are given in good faith and are based on the information provided by the manufacturer of the product and/or the Company’s current knowledge and experience in connection with the product when properly stored, handled and applied under normal conditions and no liability of final function at the job site is assumed. In practice, the differences in materials, substrates and actual site conditions are such that no warranty in respect of merchantability of, or fitness for, particular purpose, nor any liability arising out of any legal relationship whatsoever, can be inferred either from this information, or from any written and/or oral recommendations, or from any other advice offered by the Company. The Company also has no express or implied knowledge of any particular purpose for which the product is required and any such information given will not be taken into account in the supply of this product. No responsibility or liability by the Company will be accepted for misuse, misreading or derivation from recommended guidelines in respect of this product and the user shall determine the suitability of the product for his intended use and assume all risks and liability in connection therewith. The information contained in our brochure may change at any time without notice. Any use of this product, X-Tite® SBA MT, in any application should be approved as suitable for use/application by the Design Engineer and Project Manager.