SURE-SHIELD® TPER Chemical Resistant Waterstop

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Sure-Shield® TPER(Thermoplastic Elastomeric Rubber) Waterstops lead the way in high technology waterstops that have been designed for use in primary and secondary containment structures where a highly chemical resistant waterstop is required to prevent the flow or migration of fluid through joints in concrete.

Sure-Shield® TPERWaterstops are extruded from specially compounded cross-linked TPER material that resists a wide range of chemicals, oils, fuels, solvents, alcohols and aqueous acids, bases and salt solutions.

Sure-Shield® TPERWaterstops provide high performance features for long-term durability and integrity of the structure, for continuous use in low and high temperatures and have excellent ozone and weather resistance.

Sure-Shield® TPERWaterstops are designed for use in many types of applications and structures, and are available in a number of different size profiles that are for use in construction, contraction or expansion joints.

Sure-Shield® TPERWaterstops are heat weldable and allow for fast and easy on-site welding/joining of the waterstop.

The efficiency of any waterstop is very dependant upon good workmanship, installation, and on full compaction of the surrounding concrete around the waterstop during concrete placement. Optimum performance will be achieved if the waterstop is installed by keeping these important factors in mind.